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Office Ergonomic Assessment

Pain Relief Techniques and Setups

Friendly and certified advise, help, and guidance to help you or your company reduce pain, injury, and prevent future injuries.

Equipment Recommendations

Eliminate Pain By Proper Posture

Simply changing your posture by adjusiting your work envionrment, we could dramatically reduce or eliminate pain, injuries, future injuries and make your work fun again!


Get 15% off our individual consultations!

Lets help reverse your pain and allow you to work more efficiently and pain free!


Save 30% of corporate packages!

One work place injury could add up to thousands of dollars in extra costs. Let us help you save money and help your employees at the same time!

Equipment Recommendations


Video and Audio Streaming Work Station

Viozon Selfie Desktop Live Stand Set 6-in-1 10" LED Ring Light Microphone Mount competiable with 12-17" laptop/17-32'' monitor/7-13 Tablet/3.5-6.7" Phone/Digital Camera DSLR Online Teaching Meeting


Standing Desk

FLEXISPOT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter | 35 inch Stand Up Desk Riser, Black Home Office Desk Workstation for Dual Monitors and Laptop (M8MB)

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We pride ourselves on amazing customer service and attention to detail!

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Our Process

  • How to make an order?

    Simply book with us here and we'll answer any questions you have and schedule a time to perform our assessments.

  • Cost?

    Our costs vary but are priced accordingly. We would love to schedule a call to go over any questions!

  • Returns & Refunds

    Unfortunately there are no refunds or promise to reduce pain in yourself or your employees but we promise to provide skilled evidence based assessment and treatment recommendations.

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